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Bobby Gellert

No one would have guessed that Bobby Gellert would become a master at mindset and meditation...

No one would have guessed that Bobby Gellert would become a master at mindset and meditation...

Mar 31 4 minutes read

First off I want to say I hope you're doing okay. We're certainly in unusual times right now. We've never been quarantined as a society and the real estate business has never been shut down before. Now more than ever, I've been asked what resources and operating systems that I support my agents with. Watch my video below to find out more.

What we're doing currently at Shares of New York:

  •  We're connecting with our clients. We're calling between 20 and 30 clients a day and just connecting with them on a human, genuine level, making sure they're okay, their family's okay, and seeing if they need anything. 
  • We're working on our budgets. We're cutting expenses. We're doing our numbers. We know this year's not gonna shake out as we originally thought, so we're pivoting and we're making adjustments.
  • We're thinking about marketing. We're writing content and we're making videos like this for our clients, added value. 

What we typically do at Shares of New York:

  • Deal negotiation and making sure that my agents have all the skills to negotiate their transactions, both buyer deals or seller deals, on an expert level. 
  • Transaction coordination. 
  • Talking to our service providers. Making sure we have processes and systems for our transactions so they run smoothly and we get ahead of things. 
  • Help my agents build a team. Once their GCI grows enough to where they can afford to hire an admin and then bring on some agents to help them, we build a team for them. 
  • Business freedom, whether able to work on their business, in addition to in their business. Most agents spend most of their time working in their business and it's very hard for them to grow their business. 
  • The last thing I provide to my agents is I believe that agents should buy at least one property per year, whether that's a small commercial property or a residential property for income or a small multi-family, two, three, four family house. We know real estate. We work in it every day. We should build a real estate platform. 

I hope you all stay healthy and safe during these times and that this year turns out to be a good year for all of us. Let's all hunker down, do the things we know we have to for our business, and plan for the future. Good luck to all of you.

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