Who I Am

As owner of Shares of New York, I’ve discovered three things that continue to ring true through all my endeavors: people are consistent, they like to and will always rely on and seek approval from other humans and they choose not to do business with people that they don’t trust.

Therefore, loyalty, integrity and transparency have been my guiding professional principles since the day I closed my first deal. I believe that true success can only be measured by how much you are willing to give back and do for others with no promise of anything in return.

The mission of Shares of New York is to inspire and lead all real estate intermediaries in an effort to help them realize their full potential and create a consistent, stable and prosperous business platform for themselves and their families. We are committed to providing mentorship, coaching and training, marketing resources, leads and a business culture that puts everyone first but ourselves. As intermediaries, we will provide fiduciary duty, unconditional loyalty and personalized customer service to professionally advocate on behalf of our buyer and seller clients while executing flawlessly on their dreams of home ownership.

As a native to Queens – growing up in Clearview Gardens, Whitestone – and more recently to Westchester – living in Chappaqua since 2008, I enjoy a local’s view of these neighborhoods and can expertly guide homeowners and buyers to make sensible decisions with respect to their real estate options.

As your personal advocate, I invite you to discover new real estate opportunities through Shares of New York!

Click for images of original offering brochure for Clearview Garden Apartments where I grew up in Whitestone