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Meet Bobby Gellert

No one would have guessed that Bobby Gellert would become a master at mindset and meditation.  Growing up in a typical all American family in Queens, you just didn’t think about those kinds of things.  And you certainly didn’t apply them to business.  This is just one example of how Bobby would turn convention on its head and place purpose above profit.

His family lived in a modest home in Queens, and on a typical day, Bobby and his two brothers were out the door in the morning and gone until Mom announced dinner time.  Being a natural athlete growing up, he always participated in sports and went on to play baseball at SUNY Albany.  His tendency to land in leadership roles was a product of his upbringing and desire to be part of an accomplished team.  And those are exactly the attributes he would take into the professional world as an adult.

Real estate was a routine dinner conversation and a part of the fabric of his life.  His Dad was a developer, and Bobby worked on his construction sites in high school and began to learn the business from the ground up. Years later, he would form a partnership on Wall Street, serving private equity.  He held many diverse leadership roles in the industry, from capital allocation to marketing and sales.  In 2004, he founded Shares of New York, a real estate brokerage designed to help clients and agents alike to experience New York real estate with passion, precision, and purpose.

Today, Bobby is an entrepreneur, coach, and broker-focused on creating the ultimate and purposeful real estate experience. For over 20 years he has been helping people transition between their shares of New York from cooperatives and condos to single-family homes.  He’s recognized for guiding people through the real estate process with precision and preservation.  And these traits are how he earned the mantra, Purpose Driven Performance.

Now, back to mindful meditation.  Bobby believes in the power and benefits of meditation so much that he offers to teach interested clients and agents on how to achieve a sense of calm and purpose in every facet of their lives.  Throughout his life, he intends to reach 20,000 consecutive days of his meditative practice. He believes that consistency is the fuel behind everyone’s success.  Whether your purpose is buying, selling, or growing your business and portfolio, there’s one mentor and broker that is truly focused on doing his part to help you achieve it.  Purpose Driven Performance is not about the profit.  It’s about the people...and their purpose.

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